Natural disaster response from Jurox, Australia’s Animal Health Company



Natural disaster response from Jurox, Australia’s Animal Health Company

With the recent and ongoing bushfire events across Australia and the subsequent, severe impact on the wildlife in the affected areas, Jurox is committed to ensuring the needs of animals are met by offering free essential products to assist clinics and Veterinarians where required.
From today we will be offering free access to the following products, to support affected areas and communities.

Please contact your local veterinary wholesaler to access the following Jurox essential products:

  • Chlorhex C 5LTR
  • Chlorhex S 5LTR
  • Lectade Duo Sachets 12s
  • Lectade liquid 250mL
  • Vytrate liquid 1LTR
  • Vytrate liquid 5LTR
  • Vytrate liquid 20LTR
  • Dermaclens cream 100g
  • Dermaclens cream 500g
  • Dermaclens spray 500mL
  • Tricin eye and ear 4g

As a Hunter Valley based family business the recent events have also affected many of our own staff, their families and communities. We are extremely committed to doing all that we can to ensure that we support them and all Australians in their time of need. 
Our priority is to support the wider community and should you have any specific request or requirements we welcome your feedback. We will endeavour to contribute wherever possible.
Yours sincerely

Dr John O’Brien
Managing Director