Benzelmin Paste

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Benzelmin Paste is a broad spectrum benzimidazole (BZ) group anthelmintic with a wide safety margin for use in horses. Oxfendazole interferes with the metabolic pathways of intestinal parasites and sterilizes worm eggs within 24 hours of dosing thus reducing contamination.

A single dose of Benzelmin will kill up to 88% of migrating fourth stage of Strongylus vulgaris (bloodworm) larvae. A second dose 48 hours after the first dose will kill up to 96% of the larvae. This is the most important feature and exclusive to oxfendazole in the BZ group of drugs. In heavily infested horses, the high kill of larvae is very important as it reduces the risk of resultant arterial damage and colic. The boticide trichlorfon may be administered concurrently with Benzelmin Paste.

Safety Data Sheet
Benzelmin SDS
Technical Note
Benzelmin Tech Note

Active Constituents

  • Oxfendazole 185 g/kg


For the control of adult and immature forms of the large roundworm Parascaris equorum, the Pinworm Oxyuris equi, susceptible small strongyles, Trichostrongylus axei (adult small stomach worm) and Habronema microstoma (the large mouth stomach worm).

Benzelmin Paste kills immature and adult stages of large strongyles or bloodworms in the intestine.

Kills tissue stages of the bloodworm, Strongylus edentatus.

Withholding Periods

Meat: Do not use less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.