Oral Rehydration Therapy Liquid Concentrate

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Oral rehydration therapy containing a balanced mixture of glucose, glycine and electrolytes for treatment of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. 

Glucose and glycine are actively absorbed by the intestinal tract causing water and sodium to be absorbed simultaneously with these nutrients, ensuring a high degree of rehydration in scouring and dehydrated dogs, cats and young farm animals. 

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Technical Note
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Active Constituents

  • Glucose 278.75 g
  • Sodium chloride 53.44 g
  • Glycine 38.56 g
  • Citric acid monohydrate 3.28 g
  • Potassium phosphate monobasic 25.53 g
  • Potassium citrate 0.75 g


Diarrhoea and dehydration in dogs and cats, including those suffering debilitating viral disease (e.g. canine parvovirus or feline panleucopenia); convalescence. 

Withholding Periods


Pack Sizes

500945 250 ml