Strategik Mini-dose
Worming Drench for Cattle

Strategik Mini-dose Product Image

Broad spectrum white drench for the use against susceptible internal parasites including adult liver fluke, tapeworm, and lungworm in cattle.

Active Constituents

  • Albendazole 112.5 g/L


Benzimidazole susceptible worms of the following species in cattle.

Roundworms (mature and immature)
Barber's pole worm - Haemonchus placei
Small brown stomach worm - Ostertagia ostertagi 
Stomach hair worm - Trichostrongylus axei
Black scour worm - Trichostrongylus spp
Small intestinal worm - Cooperia spp
Hookworm - Bunostomum phlebotomum
Nodule worm - Oesophagostomum radiatum
Thin necked intestinal worm - Nematodirus spp
Intestinal threadworm - Strongyloides spp 
Inhibited type II larvae of Ostertagia spp

Large lungworm - Dictyocaulus viviparus

Moniezia spp (heads and segments)

Liver fluke
Fasciola hepatica (adults)

Strategik is ovicidal and therefore reduces the output of viable worm and fluke eggs.

Withholding Periods

Meat: DO NOT ADMINISTER less than 10 days before slaughter for human consumption.

Milk: DO NOT ADMINISTER to cattle producing milk for human consumption.

Trade Advice

Export Slaughter Interval (ESI):

DO NOT USE less than 10 days before slaughter for export.


Indication Dose Rate
Roundworms, lungworms, tapeworms, reduction in output of viable worm eggs 3 mL/ 45 kg bodyweight
Roundworms, lungworms, tapeworms, reduction in output of viable worm eggs, control of adult liver fluke 4 mL/ 45 kg bodyweight

Dose rate should be based on the heaviest cattle in the mob. Cattle should be weighed either with scales or a weighband. Refer to Dose Volume table on product label.

A second treatment one month after the first will help prevent contamination of pastures and will minimise chances of re-infestation. To gain maximum benefit from the reduction in the output of viable worm and fluke eggs, avoid placing treated stock on clean pastures for a minimum of four hours after dosing.

Pack Sizes

500620 5 L
503330 10 L
502325 20 L