Anaesthetic Injection

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Australia's number one anaesthetic induction agent, Alfaxan® produces rapid, controlled, and short-acting induction of anaesthesia in dogs and cats. With minimal impact on cardiac and pulmonary function, Alfaxan® has a wide safety margin and is rapidly cleared, resulting in smooth and clear-headed recovery. 

Alfaxan® consists of the active ingredient alfaxalone in an aqueous solution with a pH of 6.5-7, and is registered for use in dogs and cats for both the induction and maintenance of anaesthesia. 

Safety Data Sheet
Alfaxan MSDS
Technical Note
Alfaxan Technical Notes

Active Constituents

  • Alfaxalone 10 mg/mL


Induction and maintenance of anaesthesia in dogs and cats.


Maintenance Dose

Premedicated Unpremedicated
Dogs: 2 mg/kg Dogs: 3 mg/kg
Cats: 5 mg/kg Cats: 5 mg/kg
Premedicated Unpremedicated
Dogs: 6-7 mg/kg/hr (0.10-0.12 mg/kg/minute) Dogs: 8-9 mg/kg/hr (0.13-0.15 mg/kg/minute)
Cats: 7-8 mg/kg/hr (0.11-0.13 mg/kg/minute) Cats: 10-11 mg/kg/hr (0.16-0.18 mg/kg/minute)

Pack Sizes

502135 10 mL
503320 20 mL