Cobalex 1000 B12 Injection

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Cobalex 1000 injection provides vitamin B12 for treatment and control of deficiency. It provides a readily absorbed source of vitamin B12 levels in sheep and cattle. Given subcutaneously, the product is well-tolerated and non-irritant. The increased protein binding of hydroxocobalamin sustains circulating vitamin B12 levels longer than cyanocobalamin.
Vitamin B12 is an essential component of a number of enzymes involved in normal metabolism. It is stored in the liver and is necessary for appetite, maintenance of energy, production and growth. 

Safety Data Sheet
Cobalex NZ SDS

Active Constituents

  • ​2 mg/mL Hydroxocobalmin (as the acetate)


Cobalex 1000 B12 Injection: For the treatment of cobalt deficiency and vitamin B12 responsive conditions in sheep and cattle.


Withholding Periods


Pack Sizes

504220 500 mL