About Jurox
Jurox is a family owned, Australian veterinary and pharmaceutical manufacturer developing solutions for livestock producers, veterinarians and pet owners.

We research, develop and manufacture a wide range of veterinary medicines which are sold throughout Australia, United Kingdom and Europe, New Zealand and North America. Our global head office is located in the Hunter Valley Region of New South Wales, Australia and have offices in Auckland, New Zealand, Crawley, The United Kingdom and Kansas City in the United States.

We seek to bring talented people from all around the world to help build our organisation into a global animal health company.

We are committed to building on the diversity of all our employees, support their passion and abilities to maximise their potential, and contribute their knowledge and strengths towards achieving the common goal of being Australia's Animal Health Company.

Jurox employs employees across the globe in a number of different divisions including:

Research and Development, Administration, Customer Service, Digital Design, Engineering & Maintenance, Quality, Finance, Information Technology, HR, Manufacturing & Production, Marketing, Regulatory, Sales, Supply Chain, Technical Veterinarian Services.


Our responsibility lies with a focused commitment to elevate standards and develop evidence-based solutions that represent value to veterinary professionals, livestock producers and pet owners. We build upon our success in our home region of Australia and New Zealand whilst entering major markets to solidify Jurox Animal Health as a global animal health company.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide an inclusive, family-oriented, solution focused culture that values the very essence of the people committed globally to improving animal health. We will achieve this through understanding our capacity and leveraging it into efficiently marketing valued animal health solutions year after year, bound by world class quality systems.

Company Values

We believe shared knowledge and being solution focused drives a tireless entrepeneurial commitment essential for the development of valued animal health solutions. By empowering leadership roles and having the respect and trust in the talent within our organisation, we take ownership of our responsibilities to the industry with the aim of solidifying Jurox as Australia's Animal Health company.