Grapiprant Prostaglandin E2 receptor antagonist

Grapiprant (Galliprant® - Aratana Therapeutics, Elanco)  is a first in class, non-COX anti-inflammatory (piprant), relatively new to the market. It works downstream of traditional NSAIDs in the arachidonic acid cascade. Galliprant®, is unique in that it works by blocking the prostaglandin E2 receptor and its downstream effects of inflammation and pain, thus it is a specific prostaglandin E2 antagonist, sparing those housekeeper COX1 effects10. It is approved by the FDA for use in dogs greater than 9 months of age for the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis at the dosage of 2 mg/kg once a day. The drug should not be concurrently administered with NSAIDs or corticosteroids.