Alfaxan Multidose IDX
Alfaxalone 10 mg/ml

Alfaxan Multidose IDX

The Index of legally Marketed Unapproved New Animal Drugs for Minor Species (the Index) is a list of new animal drugs intended for use in minor species that have had their safety and effectiveness affirmed through an alternative FDA process. Jurox Pty Ltd has successfully Indexed Alfaxan® Multidose in cooperation with the Minor Use Minor Species (MUMS) group of the FDA and the product will be legally marketed and sold as Alfaxan® Multidose IDX in the United States. The product has labelling for greater than 50 minor species. Please see the Product Insert for more details regarding dosage administration to each species. The Minor Species Index (MIF) number is 900-031 and the product will be available as both 10 & 20 mL vial sizes with a shelf life of 56 days after first broaching the vial.


Numerous lizards and snake species have been either sedated or anesthetized with Alfaxan® Multidose IDX as well as aquatic reptiles like turtles and tortoises.
If you work with reptiles, you should have Alfaxan® Multidose IDX available.


Our environmental health sentinels, the amphibians, require chemical restraint from time to time. Alfaxan® Multidose IDX can be effectively administered by immersion to multiple amphibian species for the purpose of sedation or anesthesia.


Like amphibians, multiple fish species can be effectively and safely immobilized using immersion and Alfaxan® Multidose IDX. Whether you work with goldfish in private practice or zebra fish in research you should be equipped with Alfaxan® Multidose IDX.


Multiple bird species have been successfully sedated or anesthetized with Alfaxan® Multidose IDX by multiple routes of administration. See the detailer for more details.

Non-Human Primate

Non-human primates are used in research and exist in multiple zoo exhibits. Alfaxan® Multidose IDX has been administered successfully and safely in Ring Tail Lemurs, Macaques and Common Marmosets.


Mice, rats and other rodents are kept as pets, exists in zoo collections and are used in research. Alfaxan® Multidose IDX has been administered to these species effectively and safely through multiple routes of administration including IV, IP, SC and IM.


Ferrets are kept commonly as household pets. Alfaxan® Multidose IDX dosing information for this species can be found in the Multiple Species Dose Guide of the detailer.


The use of Alfaxan® and now Alfaxan® Multidose IDX in marsupials has a long legacy starting in Australia, the home of Jurox Pty Ltd. Koalas, Wallabies, Kangaroos, Possums, Gliders and Wombats have all been dosed successfully with Alfaxan® Multidose IDX for various purposes.

Minor Species Ungulates

Non-food ungulates like alpacas have been successfully anesthetized with Alfaxan® Multidose IDX. However, proper premedication should be implemented.

Active Constituents

Alfaxalone 10mg/mL


ALFAXAN MULTIDOSE IDX is indicated as a sedative and anesthetic in multiple minor species*. More specifically, ALFAXAN MULTIDOSE IDX is indicated for the following:

  • For sedation and anesthesia in captive reptiles, excluding any food-producing species**
  • For sedation and anesthesia in captive amphibians, excluding any food-producing species** 
  • For sedation and anesthesia in ornamental fish, including species used in research such as the zebra fish
  • For sedation and anesthesia in captive species and pet birds in the orders Psittaciformes, Passeriformes, and Columbiformes, excluding any food-producing species**
  • For sedation and anesthesia in non-human primates
  • For sedation and anesthesia in captive rodents
  • For sedation and anesthesia in captive mustelids
  • For sedation and anesthesia in captive marsupials
  • For induction of anesthesia and immobilization in captive minor species ungulates, excluding any food-producing species** 

Use only when there is reasonable certainty that the treated animal will not be consumed by humans or food-producing animals.

* The term “minor species” means animals other than humans that are not major species. “Major species” means cattle, horses, swine, chickens, turkeys, dogs and cats. 

** As used on this label, a “food-producing minor species” is considered to be a minor species of which some members are bred, cultured, farmed, ranched, hunted, caught, trapped or otherwise harvested for the purpose of having the animals or edible products of the animals commercially distributed for consumption by humans or food-producing animals in the United States.


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