Zoletil for Injection
tiletamine and zolazepam for injection


Zoletil™ for Injection (tiletamine and zolazepam for injection) is a nonnarcotic, nonbarbiturate, injectable anesthetic agent for dogs and cats. Chemically, Zoletil™ for Injection is a combination of equal parts by weight of base of tiletamine hydrochloride (2-[ethylamino]-2-[2-thienyl]-cyclohexanone hydrochloride), an arylaminocycloalkanone dissociative anesthetic, and zolazepam hydrochloride (4-[o-fluorophenyl]-6, 8-dihydro-1,3,8- trimethylpyrazolo [3, 4-e] [1,4] diazepin-7 [1H]-1- hydrochloride), a non-phenothiazine diazepinone having minor tranquilizing properties. The product is supplied sterile in vials. The addition of 5 mL diluent produces a solution containing the equivalent of 50 mg tiletamine base, 50 mg zolazepam base and 57.7 mg mannitol per milliliter. This solution has a pH of 2 to 3.5 and is recommended for deep intramuscular injection.

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Zoletil Product Summary


2-in-1 combined anesthesia. Dogs - for restraint and minor procedures. Cats - for restraint and anesthesia combined with muscle relaxation.

Zoletil™ for Injection delivers:

  • Rapid onset of action
  • Wide therapeutic window

A combination of 2 complementary molecules in an optimized formulation:

  • Tiletamine - a dissociative agent that produces the following effects: anesthesia and analgesia.
  • Zolazepam - a benzodiazepine molecule that produces the following effects: tranquilization and muscle relaxation.


Dose-dependent duration and depth of dissociative anesthesia


Ready-to-use combination containing two molecules in a fixed ratio formulation

Short Duration Procedures

Suitable for common procedures requiring anesthesia and analgesia: e.g. short dental procedures, castration, lacerations, abscess treatment, foreign body removal


Safety Information

Safety Information Important Safety Information: As with all drugs, side effects may occur. Zoletil™ for Injection should not be used in dogs and cats with pancreatic disease, renal pathology or impairment of renal function, or severe cardiac or pulmonary dysfunction. Do not use at any stage of pregnancy or for Caesarean section. Do not use phenothiazine derivative drugs concomitantly with Zoletil™ for Injection as the combination produces respiratory and myocardial depression, hypotension, and hypothermia. Pulmonary edema has been reported in cats. Respiratory depression may occur following administration of high doses of Zoletil™. Copious salivation may occur during Zoletil™ anesthesia and may be controlled by giving atropine sulfate, USP as a concurrent medication. Vomiting upon emergence, involuntary muscle twitching and cardiac arrest have occasionally been reported with Zoletil. Refer to the prescribing information for complete details.

Active Constituents

Tiletamine HCl and Zolazepam HCl



Zoletil™ for Injection is indicated in dogs for restraint and minor procedures of short duration (30 min. avg.) requiring mild to moderate analgesia. Minor surgery is considered to be a laceration repair, draining of abscesses, castrations and other procedures requiring mild to moderate analgesia. (See Dogs under Dosage and Administration.)


Zoletil™ for Injection is indicated in cats for restraint or for anesthesia combined with muscle relaxation.