The goals of the recovery phase are

  1. A pain and stress-free emergence from anesthesia
  2. Normalization of the patient’s vital signs.

Recovery begins when the maintenance anesthesia is discontinued and ends, not with extubation, but when the patient’s mentation, vitals, and comfort are deemed sufficient for discharge from the hospital.  Monitoring of mentation, vitals, and comfort should be performed periodically based on the individual patient needs.  

Thermal support - Recovery may be prolonged in hypothermic patients resulting in increased morbidity.  Thermal support should be provided until the patient can maintain an adequate body temperature.

Adequate analgesia and a quiet environment improve recovery.   A final evaluation is performed to assess the patient’s mental status and pain management.

Normal mentation and body functions are restored rapidly after an Alfaxan-induced anesthesia allowing the patient to be discharged from the hospital in a timely fashion.